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Postby windwalker on Thu Jan 18, 2018 3:10 am

What is heart rate variability?
Heart rate variability is an indicator of how well our parasympathetic nervous system is working. It has been used for a long time in hospitals to treat heart patients and, relatively recently, has become known as a great biofeedback tool for athletes looking to improve their performance." ... healthier/


"The average HRV score is 59.3 for Elite HRV users. ... Greater Heart Rate Variability (a higher HRV score) at rest is generally indicative of better health, a younger biological age, and better aerobic fitness."

An interesting test. In my case it showed an age of 35 while I am in my 60s.
People often ask about the efficiency of IMA practice relative to keeping one young or promoting better health.

This might be a good test to check and see where one is at as far as biological age relative to physical age, among other factors.

Also interesting was the changes that occurred while taking the test in real time and doing some qi gong seeing the graphs and results change...
This was done to see what if any internal changes could be measured while emitting qi or "fa qi" allowing for objective results to be noted based on subjective feelings of what was going on....
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Postby Franklin on Thu Jan 18, 2018 4:13 am

might be of interest to some people
and might explain some of the health benefits of internal arts (taiji)
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Postby yeniseri on Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:24 am

There is some great research on taijiquan (tai chi) and heart rate variability.

Check out Heart math Institute on how emotions (as you know) can change for the better when some level of type of 'relaxation response' is initiated over time. Not a short term thing but one must entrain the habit through long time practice habituation.
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Postby windwalker on Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:40 am

What I found interesting is that the machine used takes 3 pluses or readings to use with its algorithm that comes up with the HRV readings.
This machine was developed by a local TW professor...kind cool the combination of western and eastern thought that went into the design
and making of the machine..Hrv, was not something that I was aware of,,,seems kind of interesting and apparently has been around for awhile.

What was interesting people can have different ages from their physical age and what they call the biological age.
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Postby Bao on Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:22 am

Interesting topic. Thanks for sharing.
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