How Ex-Navy Seal Help Best Player in Basketball fix his Core

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How Ex-Navy Seal Help Best Player in Basketball fix his Core

Postby Trip on Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:54 pm

Ex-Navy Seal Donnie Raimon used simple exercises to help LeBron James fix his bad back.

A few years ago, James did run into a problem, a serious issue that for the first time truly threatened to derail his career. He had disc issues in his lower back that were zapping his strength and bounce. He didn't talk about them much, and he tried his best to play through them. But James -- video and stats showed -- was weakening.

James needed two anti-inflammatory injections in his lower back in a 10-month span in 2015, one shutting him down for two weeks at midseason and another wiping out his preseason.

Concerned, James called in a specialist. He is Donnie Raimon, -- a specialist in human movement who combines biology and physical mechanics .

Raimon is the reason James occasionally wears hats with a Navy SEALs logo during interviews, the crest with an eagle clutching a pistol and a trident acting as one of James' subtle messages he occasionally sends with clothing.

Raimon focused on strengthening James' core muscles and exercises that improved his posture, taking stress off the lower back. Before games, Raimon tries to activate James' core with intense work. Last season, James set a career high with 145 dunks. He is behind that pace this season, but he's making up for it in sheer power, as last week showed.
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