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Re: jump rope

Postby Steve James on Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:34 pm

Well, it takes practice. Use two feet simultaneously at first. Then try multiple skips on one foot. Afa rope length, the standard is that the handles come up to your sternum when you're standing on the middle of the rope. But, it also will depend on how you hold your arms when you skip. Obviously, the closer your arms are to your body, the farther the rope will extend --and vice versa. So, the actual length is not critical, but you'll need to find the most efficient for you.

The ropes made of plastic cylinders are sometimes easier for beginners because they naturally flatten out at the bottom when you turn. Leather ropes need to hit the floor to flatten. The flatter the rope is at the bottom, the easier it is for your feet to clear. Beginners will usually have to keep more of their feet in contact with the ground --it's just hard to stay on your toes. These plastic ropes are just too noisy for me.

Some people have mentioned skipping in bare feet. Maybe. But, it'll sting, and might discourage you. Skipping is basically a hand-foot coordination exercise. If you hurt your feet, you won't get better. So, imo, start with the easiest skips you can do, and work your way up. It's okay to just skip once, then skip again, and so on, for three minutes. If you try to skip too fast, you'll just wear yourself out.
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