Trump's IS strategy? Declare victory, Cut & Run!

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Re: Trump's IS strategy? Declare victory, Cut & Run!

Postby grzegorz on Thu Jan 17, 2019 11:17 am

Trick wrote:Isn’t IS against the Assad regime, and so is US and EU ? But most of course think the IS are bad guys too, and Russia are fighting them, but then US and EU think Russia are bad guys too ? Whatever what is going on there in Syria I can’t really wrap my mind around, it’s really confusing

Actually I never labeled IS as "the bad guys." The fact is though according to the Trump administration IS has been defeated but it hasn't.

I have actually argued that IS was created in Iraq because Sunnis were shot to pieces protesting their treatment after Saddam. After Saddam many Sunni groups were complaining of oppression but because of the Iraqi government purge of Sunnis in the government and their treatment of them IS got support as a militant organization which would fight for them.

I am not pro or anti IS as much as I blame the US for opening the door for IS to exist. I am anti-war because it is what led to all of this. But to cut and run is not an option.
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Re: Trump's IS strategy? Declare victory, Cut & Run!

Postby meeks on Thu Jan 17, 2019 2:57 pm

Was hoping he was going to say "they've been defeated biggly" buy he said "greatly" instead...doh!
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