kb plyo swings to help / replace sprints / lo impact hiit

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kb plyo swings to help / replace sprints / lo impact hiit

Postby everything on Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:00 am

hey have you guys tried "plyo swings" instead of plyometrics? good for "qing gong" training.

I can't/don't want to do more running to not stress my stressed out feet further. the best alternative (on paper) would be go to the gym and do intervals on a stationary bike. I'm likely not going to do that due to the expense in time and money.

... I like kb swings but have no idea how many to do to help sprints/stops/starts. I scoured the internetz, strongfirst, etc. already.

here is a good article:
https://strengthaxis.com/kettlebell-ply ... ive-speed/

on my initial attempt, I didn't do a little jump at the bottom. instead I did a little shuffle movement, as if jumping over a rope one foot at a time. still pretty good, I think. very, very light bell. Don't want to do with heavy bell. feel very low impact on the joints.

Edits: just realized the term "Low Impact HIIT" has been getting popular in the past year or two.
This is like duh. Exactly what I need. Low impact on the joints, still try to get a HiiT style anaerobic workout.

Some good ones I found so far:
- single leg runs (as fast as you can for 30s).
- no-jump jack (what it sounds like)
- bob and weave
- no-jump burpees.
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