Potential publisher for good Tai Chi for Children book…?

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Potential publisher for good Tai Chi for Children book…?

Postby Giles on Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:45 pm

Hi guys,

Some associates of mine here in Germany published a full-length book (over 300 pages) on teaching Tai Chi (and some Qigong) to children. It's aimed at people working with children in the areas of pre-school, school, sports clubs/associations and also therapy. The authors have a solid grounding in Tai Chi Chuan (and other martial arts) and in educational theory and practice.

Sections: background and basic knowledge; methodology and didactics; exercises and games divided into various categories such as animal exercises, standing exercises, walking exercises, groundwork, sensomotoric and awareness, cooperation, setting boundaries, martial play, meditation, massage etc. etc.

In my opinion the material and approaches are well-founded and there’s actually a lot of stuff – background thinking, ideas and exercises – that can be used for working with some groups of adults as well. The book was published three years ago and since then it has proved a steady seller and has pretty much established itself as the standard work on this subject in German-speaking countries.

Now they are aiming to get an English version of the book onto the market. (In principle I would do the translation, being a professional German->English translator with a modicum of experience in Tai Chi and some other stuff :) ). And so I’d like to ask if anyone has any ideas about (more or less) established publishers in the USA (or the UK) who might be interested in the book? Publishers with a track record in martial arts or movement/sports education or similar areas? North Atlantic Books is one company that already occurs to me and which they will probably be approaching but any other suggestions would be very welcome. Either in this thread or PM me if you prefer.
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