Guo Lin (Xin) Qigong - experiences?

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Guo Lin (Xin) Qigong - experiences?

Postby edededed on Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:50 am

Hi all,

Do any of you have any experience learning or practicing this qigong developed for cancer patients?

I was wondering if you could explain:
- Why the breathing is two inhalations, one exhalation (besides just trying to inhale more)
- How the method is designed to combat/resist cancer, as opposed to other qigong methods (e.g. one teacher told me that normal qigong would actually make cancer worse, but I personally cannot explain that)
- Would just having a cancer patient practice taiji or bagua have similar results? Or maybe taiji or bagua plus the two inhalations, one exhalation breathing?
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Re: Guo Lin (Xin) Qigong - experiences?

Postby Franklin on Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:08 am

I don't have any experience teaching it to anyone with cancer
(and I definitely would not tell someone with cancer that this type of practice would cure them... etc...)

I was told that she had learned taoist qigong from here grandfather when she was young

the fixed foot practice (stationary) that I learned
if you omitted the 2/1 inhale/exhale ration breathing
it would just be basic good qigong
standing meditation and a version of the swing the arms (constant bear) type exercise

but i was told that the 2/1 ratio breathing helped oxygenate the body
and that was a main mechanism for why it was effective

here is a page that describes the stationary practice and shows a video of it
it is the same as what I learned
(this version was taught by BP Chan) ... ng-qigong/

there is also walking practice
1 step, 2 step, 3 step...

it would be easier to show someone this set then it would to try to teach them something more complex like taiji or bagua


edit: (to include another link)
if you follow the link in the comments of the page i linked to
Matt as a write-up on his blog about it that is good as well ... ng-qigong/
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Re: Guo Lin (Xin) Qigong - experiences?

Postby Trick on Fri Oct 11, 2019 1:23 am

skin breathing’ In and out breath as if done by the skin.can it cure cancer, I’ve no idea, but it help mind to be relaxed sharp and focused.Regular Ice cold baths is supposed to get the body as if skin breathing......And of course this breathing is also a goal to reach as a natural product in the practice of ICMA’s. Breath smart, lower your temp, live longer and healthier ... eficiency/
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Re: Guo Lin (Xin) Qigong - experiences?

Postby yeniseri on Mon Oct 14, 2019 6:52 pm

I learned Guo LIn Cancer Walking Therapy over 20 years.It is seimple, it seems simple and boring. The actual therapeutic effect is not known since I found it 'boring'.
I tried it during the time I had a growth on right mandibular area but to no avail.(Growth was non cancerous and I had it excised due to its continuous growth) I recall an intervention where Guo LIn realized that the Walikng Gong did not work, she began to adapt routines to match the individual state of the subject/pateint
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