Test by Fire, Test by Power

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Test by Fire, Test by Power

Postby Strange on Wed Mar 18, 2020 6:43 am


Chinese say that real metal is not afraid of fire
and men is tested by power
Lincoln is very wise, maybe he have some chinese blood

yes power can be a dangerous thing
it can make you talk different, walk different and see different
as you behave in an unnatural manner, it is easy to make mistake
when others see this, it is easy for them to make you make mistake
but the taste and feeling of power can be intoxicating
as a person practicing MA should know...intimately

of course, there are levels and amounts of power
and what whether its little, just nice or too much can depend on the size of the vessel
everything is relative right?

As a caution, be careful
In 失去的武林, or Lost Martial World, xingyi masters spoke of a conundrum
or what is the meaning of/ or why must 炼神还虚
the taoist logic being: If i were to train to my maximum potential, then according
to taiji diagram, i shall inevitably start to weaken, as such my power must be somehow
turned to emptiness in order not to start on a weakening path.

something to think about... cheers :)
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