Hong Kong: end of one country, two systems?

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Re: Hong Kong: end of one country, two systems?

Postby Bao on Fri Sep 11, 2020 12:43 am

Trick wrote:As said, the incident lead to a sharpening of the PLA overall...which now US see as an act of destabilization, while it’s clearly the US that’s the bully

They always are. It was their recurrent threats to nuke Beijing and Shanghai that forced China to develop their own nuclear weapons for protection. (yes, this is true, you can Google for official documents online. )

Recently, the US hired land in north of South Korea to point missiles towards NK and China. Chinese found out that the land belonged to a South Korean company that had department stores all over China. What happened? All of the stores had do close. Everyone stopped buying from them. It's not a good thing for anyone to quarrel with China and making threats. Chinese are very proud and loyal. Many foreign companies have taken blows and lost revenue, though they probably don't even realise why.

.Q. wrote:
Bao wrote:Better to read a more neutral and not anti-Chinese source: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/09/05/asia ... index.html

Your link talks about the same Mongolian protests. Not sure what the point is.

I merely pointed to a more reliable source that don't make likes about China trying to destroy its minorities. ;)

Also, you mean I should read more trustworthy Chinese state propaganda like those that claimed Belarusians protest was in SUPPORT of the president? Really? Do you believe the Belarusians were protesting in support of the president?
Global Times claim China will be mass producing 7nm and 5nm chips in 2 years. Do you believe that?

I had a laugh actually. This is the big problem with Chinese propaganda. They often take information and turn it around making it to something else. Many Chinese know about what happened at the Tiananmen. But the propaganda has made people believe that the students were the assailants and that the poor military are the heroes as many of them did trying to protect the people. ::)

I believe that Hu Jintao actually did some good things trying to open up China and took away restrictions from social media etc. But of course, it was Yang Zemin ruling behind the curtains so he couldn't do much. But still, China has never been that open since the beginning of the 80s. Sadly the Wall has become tighter than ever and social media more controlled than ever before. The worst thing IMO is that the Chinese government actively encourage an extreme form of nationalism that often borders to fascism. I am not sure how it will turn out, though I have a feeling that China will slowly open up again.
...But for now it's sometimes better trying to not mention your nationality while in China... :(

When I told you how China screwed the medical workers during the Wuhan pandemic I gave you link from China's own forum where only those with Chinese accounts can comment. Was that not reliable enough source? Did you actually read it like you claimed you would? How do you feel about what how the workers got screwed over?

I don't know how to comment, this is old news. The forum thread was from March. This passage here is interesting, I know about this since earlier:

"Compared with the previous policy of giving 10 points to the children of medical staff in the high school entrance examination this year, this is nothing short of it. The medical staff whose children did not take the high school entrance examination this year will not be able to enjoy anything, and it makes other candidates who take the high school entrance examination feel unfair. The medical staff who enjoy this benefit will probably be happier with a mentality of dedicating themselves to their children."

What I heard, there was a huge dissatisfaction about this "policy of giving 10 points to the children of medical staff in the high school entrance examination this year." Common people was very angry and thought it was unfair to the children who had studied hard. I believe they cancelled this offer. So I don't know how they have solved it. I will try to have a look.


I don't know why you ask irrelevant things to the topic and discussion. You seem to believe that I am all for the Chinese government and believe everything they say? This is far from the truth. I am not Chinese and I am not a supporter of everything the Chinese government does. But I have worked in Chinese companies, I have worked with Chinese people and I have a Chinese family and have travelled between China and my country for the last 25 years. I know China very well and I know how China has developed. I personally know moslems and uighurs in China, as well as people from other minorities. And know that they live good and interesting lives, better than the most people here in my own country. On the whole, and for the first time, I am optimistic and believe that China develops in the right direction. If I know 25 years ago how China would look today, I would not have let my wife come here. I would have tried to stay with her in Shanghai. It has gone too fast, people don't understand what China has become.

Other countries are worried, they hate that China finally has said no to the maltreatment. The US was furious when China refused to continue to take their waste. This was how the economic war started. China also took back big companies that the US had been able to use for their own benefits, making the US even more furious. The US had already decided that China was going to remain a second World country that offered cheap production. And now the US is trying to get the whole world to punish China. The USA, behaving like a big baby playing in the sand and crying when it doesn't get what it wants. The sad thing is that many countries are too dependent on the US so they don't dare to do anything but to follow the big angry baby. -loco-

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Re: Hong Kong: end of one country, two systems?

Postby vadaga on Sun Sep 20, 2020 11:04 pm

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