Why do Chinese people prefer drinking hot water?

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Re: Why do Chinese people prefer drinking hot water?

Postby Trick on Mon Jun 29, 2020 8:55 pm

roger hao wrote:If you go to Starbuck's right now you can ask for cold brew coffee.
Or you can make sun-brew tea.

just saying

Yes i see they have something called “cold brewed” coffee, but never thought further about that, till now...I looked it up.....
My god what a scam 8-) Fill a container with non heated water (directly from the tap?), add grounded beans then let it soak overnight, next day filter it and serve it for 40¥ a cup.....Now, the price I actually don’t know, but wouldn’t surprise me the drink comes with a price as such....will check it next time I’m at Starbucks
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