covid trial stopped due to infection

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covid trial stopped due to infection

Postby meeks on Wed Sep 09, 2020 8:56 am
Do we know what the illness is?
It is said to be transverse myelitis, although AstraZeneca has not confirmed that. That is inflammation of the sheath containing the nerves of the spinal cord. It can be treated by steroids to reduce the inflammation but the condition can be permanent.

Transverse myelitis has been associated with vaccination before, but only very rarely. A study in 2018 looking at more than 30 years of data from the US vaccine adverse event reporting system found 119 cases in 29 men and 90 women, which is a tiny number compared with the numbers vaccinated. However, they were clustered in the first weeks after vaccination, which made the researchers think it could be a rare vaccination-related event. Nearly half the cases followed a hepatitis B vaccination.
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