Master Zhang Youngliang, 张永良

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Master Zhang Youngliang, 张永良

Postby windwalker on Sun Dec 20, 2020 1:45 pm

Master Zhang Youngliang, 张永良


Master Zhang Youngliang, was born in 1920, and started martial arts training at age of 5, until 14. His family ran a shoe factory at the time. Since 14 he joined the family business and needed to ship the handmade soles from Tongzhou to the City. On the way he had to cross a river on foot and carried his bicycles/soles on his shoulder.

The cold water hurt his legs over the years and he had to stop when he was 25. He began Ba Gua training from his second master by then, and practised the art for 17 years. In 1962, 4 years before the Culture Revolution, he started his Taichi training from his third master. In fact, he had been practicing in the park where his Taichi master had met him, and observed him for quite some time.

May he rest in peace,
very sad to hear of his passing.

He once told me "in this life you will never get it"
Talking about the taiji training.

I looked at him and said

" thats ok, in the next life I will find you"

He laughed

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Re: Master Zhang Youngliang, 张永良

Postby Bao on Sun Dec 20, 2020 2:36 pm


My sincere condolences.
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Re: Master Zhang Youngliang, 张永良

Postby Tom on Mon Dec 21, 2020 10:03 am

Zhang Yongliang taught quietly for decades in the parks of Beijing, with a fierce dedication to his own practice and sharing his understanding with generations of students. Condolences to his family, and to you and his other students.

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