Bodhidharma's Blood & Pulse Treatise

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Re: Bodhidharma's Blood & Pulse Treatise

Postby Overlord on Sat Jul 31, 2021 11:08 pm

Doc Stier wrote:
Overlord wrote:You misunderstood. It’s like tasting sugar, how can you taste it without using your tongue?
Bodhidharma was not Chinese but he wrote the treatise in Chinese, how can you taste his intentions easily with English. It’s just common sense. Unless someone linguistically talented and understood treatise well help you, it’s just very hard even for a lot of Chinese speakers. :)

With all due respect, I think I understand quite well. Since it is highly probable that many, if not most, visitors to this public forum don't speak or read Chinese, to not include an English translation struck me as more than a bit snobbish and pretentious. :o

Additionally, some of the subsequent replies regarding the OP are quite condescending in tone and content, as if talking down to the vast sea of unwashed masses who are beneath you in every way for lacking Chinese language and literacy skills. In any case, ego aggrandizement is clearly its own sole reward. ::)

Basically this Treatise is talking about the true nature of our mind, it’s like your nature to see, it’s neither wan or wax because of what you see. Similarly the nature of our awareness is neither wan or wax by others ego. It’s there beginningless and endless. However, our habits delusion us into the great illusions. Bit like Matrix the movie.

For real benefit, it be good to understand Chinese and hear the Fashi out. Cheers.
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Re: Bodhidharma's Blood & Pulse Treatise

Postby Overlord on Sun Aug 01, 2021 5:03 am

It’s going to be Very very interesting the next few talks. Really can’t wait.



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