Chicago water tested

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Chicago water tested

Postby everything on Wed Sep 21, 2022 6:33 am ... r-revealed

One in 20 tap water tests performed for thousands of Chicago residents found lead, a neurotoxin, at or above US government limits, according to a Guardian analysis of a City of Chicago data trove.

And one-third had more lead than is permitted in bottled water.

This means that out of the 24,000 tests, approximately 1,000 homes had lead exceeding federal standards. Experts and locals say these results raise broader concerns, because there are an estimated 400,000 lead pipes supplying water to homes in the city, and the vast majority were not tested as part of the program.

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Re: Chicago water tested

Postby yeniseri on Sun Sep 25, 2022 11:11 pm

Saw the results but as usual they were in areas of the city where minorities reside meaning no efforts to change that profile. Many are renters in old apartment buildings, or houses that employed those who used to work in the former steel and automative industries of the South and West side of Chicago. In this day of COVID and even before. landlords only interest is to collect rent and not update plumbing, and additional asbestos insulation so they get away unless a disease cluster is found (bunch of people in same location suffereing from something ???, where local disease control responds and seeks to find the cause of the outbreak!
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