training tendon strength

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training tendon strength

Postby everything on Wed Nov 30, 2022 7:20 pm

rather long video (46 min). I think something like "Shaolin" and "training sinews" already "knows" all of this, but good stuff from a modern pov trying to go logically through some of the thinking, that essentially boils to TL;DW:

- plyometric stuff of relatively high force in very short time like breakdancing, hurdling, dramatic "external" MA moves like in those Shaolin vids needs good tendon strength. shows people with skinnier builds doing some amazing moves and jumping.
- slow load for strength training is for muscles
- you need both; and the proportion depends on your application
- if you want to work on loading the tendons, you need muscle strength or momentum. he says muscle strength is instant, and momentum needs a bit of time. this seems the opposite of what i'd think. a bounce is instant, but ok.
- to train tendons, you need to build up muscles, increase the range, put some small load at the end of your ROM, progressive overload, high volume of reps with low load with the "bounciness". frequency is pretty high, keep the blood flowing, but w/no pain.

steffan holm, high jumper, is one of the examples in the beginning.
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