US Begins Patent Plunder

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US Begins Patent Plunder

Postby windwalker on Mon Nov 20, 2023 5:26 pm

A recent patent restriction bill in the United States has raised concerns globally.

The bill targets Chinese entities on the Entity List, potentially invalidating their U.S. patents and stripping them of patent rights.

This has led to questions about the impact on Huawei and its 20,000+ patents, including those related to 5G. The move by the U.S. has surprised many, and some wonder if it could backfire.

The bill effectively nullifies the patent rights of Chinese companies in the U.S., including Huawei. Despite U.S. efforts to block Huawei, the company has released powerful smartphones like the Mate60 Pro with autonomous chip manufacturing capabilities.


Only the US has debt, that others buy making it worth something, soon to end :P
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Re: US Begins Patent Plunder

Postby Trick on Tue Nov 21, 2023 7:33 pm

as i written before, Huawei is in collaboration with Ericsson telecom in amongst things - sharing patents.
Ericsson is a giant in the business that heavily spin into businesses that one probably not think of, such as the stock exchanges where the vast majority of transactions globaly are depending on Ericssons network from which the company make huge profits......and with that story one can go deeper 8-)

However, there are forces in the US that seem want to get rid of Ericsson from the global market(s)that company are in tight control of , and maybe they think to go via Huawei is a clever idea ? two birds with one stone kind of.
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Re: US Begins Patent Plunder

Postby Steve James on Thu Nov 23, 2023 7:47 am

Hmm, I watched the video. It says that it's about national security. Ok, let's say it's economics. However, it's only "passed" the House Judiciary Committee of 24 votes. It hasn't gone to the House of Reps, or to the Senate, then signed by the President. The House Judiciary Committee votes on bills (i.e. Not laws in this case) regarding intellectual property, anti-trust, civil rights stuff.

Anyway, there's nothing the US does that the PRC won't do, and vice versa. I couldn't say whether some company X in the US is trying to get rid of company Z in the PRC. Imo, the PRC is destined to have a larger economy than the US. Though, it probably won't be as large as India --which has more people, but fewer natural resources (iinm).

I agree 100% that there are people who are greedy, selfish, and only interested in profit without regard for its costs to others. I don't think that is soon to end because of any change here. It's only likely to get more greedy and selfish, with more cuts in taxes and social services. How's the health care and educational system in the PRC? Does change mean that they become more like us, or we become more like them?

Fwiw, I hope China wins.
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