Your Favorite or Most Influential Taoist Text?

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Your Favorite or Most Influential Taoist Text?

Postby iamjonathan on Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:10 am

I am making a free Audio Book series of classic Taoist texts that I have been giving away to people.

Basically the idea is that I am recording these for myself, because I can listen to them when I'm stuck in a traffic jam while riding a bus here in China, or walking, or whatever.

I've found that they've been very helpful to me, so I decided to give the recordings to people in hopes that they can get some value as well.

Anyway, the texts that I have recorded already and am giving away are:
  • Chi Wen Dong - The Red Streaked Cave
  • The Pivot Of Jade
  • The Hsin Yin Ching - Imprint Of The Heart
  • Ching Jing Jing - Purity And Rest
  • Tai Hsi Ching - Respiration Of The Embryo
  • Universal Understanding

Tonight I'll probably do Tao Te Ching and Chuang Tzu as well and add those to the list, but haven't yet because they are alot longer.

Anyway, I want to help myself, and help other people and I would like your input.

What is your favorite classic Taoist text?

Thanks for your help

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Re: Your Favorite or Most Influential Taoist Text?

Postby shawnsegler on Sun Jun 01, 2008 6:09 am

go away.

I prefer
You behind the wheel
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