4th Grader Suspended for bringing shell casing to school

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Re: 4th Grader Suspended for bringing shell casing to school

Postby dragontigerpalm on Thu Jun 05, 2008 5:29 pm

Steve James wrote:Well, I guess that means that if you had been the teacher, the school would have forced you to turn the kid in. I think differently. I disagree about the war service medal etc, and the whole idea that institutions think. People, school boards, decide what the policies should be. If the people in that region disagree with the decision, it'll be changed. I guess then the family will sue the school for a billion dollars for pain and suffering.

No, I wouldn't have turned the kid in. I would have taken the opportunity to be a teacher and explain why some people might take issue with a student bringing a shell casing to school. I would have respected the significance that the boy attached to the souvenir.
I don't believe that institutions think nor did I imply that. There is, however, institutional thinking, group think, bureaucratic thinking/behavior etc. Rarely, in my experience, are school administrations reflective of the community. Promotions are generally done from within the bureaucracy and school boards are generally rubberstamping the administration's policies, requests, budgets etc. Most bureaucracies take on a life of their own.
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Re: 4th Grader Suspended for bringing shell casing to school

Postby Steve James on Thu Jun 05, 2008 5:51 pm

If you would have acted differently, that's my point. The "school" didn't do anything, as you say. It was a teacher who made a decision based on what she knew. It is irrational to expect that a "school" will know about guns, and knowing about guns "is" learning gun safety. If the community were educated about guns, then the people on the school boards would be too. There simply is no "silent majority" of knowledgeable gun owners whose rights are being systematically violated by the schools. It is exactly the opposite. Most communities want guns and things gun related --even those made of plastic or rubber-- away from their schoools. I'm sure that you may nbe able to point out school districts where this is not the case, and I think their practices would be interesting to examine. Somehow, early on, these policies were associated only with MA --which, btw, is not only Cambridge/Boston and is not all that liberal on all issues. There are plenty of hunters there.
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