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Re: advanced budo

Postby Ah Louis on Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:35 am

I am not sure if some of the things here said about Tony A. would be considered slanderous. Is he a member, and he is willing to talk about what he is being accused of. Many times in our society, we throw to the side rational and logic, and other things that make up what we call justice and fairness. Only to slide into a mob mentality and knee jerk judgements. There are two sides to every story both sides should be heard. If what is said is true about Tony A., I can point to a myriad of martial arts instructors who have done the same. Martial arts is full of peer to peer, instructor to student, and business to business conflicts. Hypocrisy isn't a stranger to martial arts.

Too many people use the word Budo using it superficially. Those who do, lack the understanding and training to fully appreciated what Budo means. It is a word that runs up there with "genius" improperly used far too much.
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Re: advanced budo

Postby Bodywork on Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:42 am

allen2saint wrote:Dan,

I don't think the tone of my posts are very prosecutorial so there's no need to defend yourself so adamantly. Has anyone here been immune from unfairness or personal attacks? No. So why are you using that as some kind of argument? I take you at your word and believe you've got something. I've read your explanations. I think some here wish you would "show" rather than tell. I didn't request either. I said as long as you are so adamant about your positions and critical of others, you will get flack. That's group dynamics in a nutshell.

But as far as saying you do not personally attack people? Hard to define "personally" but I think an honest self assess would show you that you are harsh and accusatory about people and their knowledge, sometimes without knowing the background of the person you say "doesn't know anything."

All I can say is, coming from a profession and a world where personal points of view sadly reign supreme and bitter disputes among experts is so legendary it has its own saying( "The hatred of theologians"), I have never seen a time or place where these bitter disputes help anyone or a situation when person who knows more gains anything by lording it over others. Those that learn from you will and the rest are best passed over, IMO, because they serve their own private and personal MA gods( which are usually personal for all the wrong reasons, just like the religious gods) and they aren't about to be swayed, least of all by being told they're morons.

I think internet forums become closed off, weird places where insults and arguments take over, and people become self indulgent unless it is managed correctly. I am as guilty of that as anyone and I hope I am not doing so now. Just offering a point of view.

I may agree with all of the above. Writing is an art. Email in the work place has demonstrated quite clearly that it is not a medium most people excell in. I am without a doubt a terrible writer. Yet I get along extremely well with a myriad of people on a world stage. It is much the same for many of us. We can't express the fulness of ourselves and our lives in quickly written posts on forums.
It is ironic to read some one say "One day we may meet and I can tell you to fuck off to your face!" and then have over a 90% return rate to seminars, along with students and friends for over thirty years. Ironic being that I can attribute both.... to my writing. But the latter... to what I can do and teach. Perhaps one day my writing skills will catch up.


Re: advanced budo

Postby Dmitri on Wed Dec 23, 2015 12:15 pm


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