New (regulatory?) Wushu Sports Body in Canada

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New (regulatory?) Wushu Sports Body in Canada

Postby Appledog on Sun Feb 10, 2019 4:13 am

Hello everyone, this probably belongs in BTDT, but I've started a GoFundMe for what I call the CWF -- the "Canadian Wushu Foundation". It's located at ... oundation/ and I am going to be blogging about it on my blog ( for the next little while.

Before I begin I'd like to let you know I've set aside nearly $100,000 Canadian which will be put towards this project. I am doing my part to ensure this will happen, given time, but it is my hope that by sounding this beacon call any other interested parties will be forced to show their hands, so to speak, and hopefully join and work together.

Because of the massive financial requirement this should be, and will be a closely scrutinized project. What I can tell you right now is that it will soon be represented by a federally incorporated Canadian corporation, which means (long and short) I will be legally bound by the corporation's mission statement to act solely in the interests of completing that mission statement. I.E. I will be legally accountable for actually doing what I say I am going to do here.

I think it's high time to push on this already, back in 2015 I launched a corporation with a similar goal but (long story) our lawyer and accountant were boneheads. So I learned a lot and this time I think things will go a lot better in that regard, I've been speaking with some lawyers in the 'Peg regarding this on and off this past year -- things look good to go, so long as we can ensure continuing operations (but I am going to try and not talk about money all the time).

Anyways I'd just like to put this here in the most unobtrusive place possible yet where people are sure to see it and also feel free to start attacking it and slinging mud everywhere. That's fair.

That being said this is going to play into the recent discussion into regulating qigong, and possibly tai chi and wushu. You can better believe we would lobby the government (for the good guys) if we could, or act as some sort of regulatory body, i.e. to be in such a position should the need arise, to ensure no funny politics (which I have grown to hate, watching various US-based organizations come and go, and various Canadian organizations trip up all over each other, neutering themselves in the process, so as not to offend anyone. Wee.) However it should be understood that the organization itself will be style-agnostic and will not house any in-house instructors or teachers but instead plans to hire various well-known teachers locally or from across Canada as the need arises.

I think a good way of describing this project is creating a martial arts college in Canada or perhaps even a throwback to the early martial arts organizations such as the tiyuhui or jingwu men who wanted to promote and teach martial arts. I think even having elements of a 'martial arts temple' approach, would work here.

In closing I would also point out I spent many years volunteering in various well-known martial arts organizations in Canada and the US, and have all the relevant experience teaching, judging, business and financial that might be needed to start something like this. Of course, I am more than willing to accept help and I am not planning on doing this solo but will try to build a small group (board of directors) of qualified people. Anyone here is welcome to join of course, providing you have what it takes (which primarily means you "care", i.e. "want to", other qualifications are of course important but everyone can bring something different to the table).

Open to all ideas and insults,

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Re: New (regulatory?) Wushu Sports Body in Canada

Postby edededed on Wed Feb 20, 2019 7:38 am

It's a challenge.

Due to breadth, it is kind of like setting up an "any kind of visual art related to China" body in Canada.
So calligraphy, painting, paper folding, paper cutting, fabric dying, etc. would all be subject to it.

What is the objective?
And who is in scope? ("Wushu" = modern competition wushu?)

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