Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong Workshop

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Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong Workshop

Postby Deadmonki on Sat Nov 12, 2011 1:49 pm

Stillness-Movement & Gift of the Dao Neigong, Medical Qigong & Daoist Medicine Clinical Applications London, England January 21-24, 2012

Michael Lomax - Qigong America

Event Title: Stillness Movement & Gift of the Dao Neigong with Medical Qigong & Daoist Medicine Clinical Applications
Event Date and Time: January 21-24, 2012
Overview: Join us January 21, 22 to learn the internal Neigong system of Stillness-Movement along with the 'Shamanic' Shifting Neigong techniques of Gift of the Dao movements. In the optional clinical applications days January 23, 24 learn Qi projection techniques (wai qi liao fa) and Chinese Daoist Medicine therapeutic techniques for healing others.

Please note that although stillness-movement was developed by a highly respected Chinese martial artist, this is not a martial arts seminar. This is a workshop on the solo practice (stillness-movement) and its application (medical qigong). Anyone interested in medical qigong/neigong is welcome.


Jingdong gong (stillness-movement neigong) was synthesised by Hu Yaozhen. Hu Yaozhen was a Chinese Doctor, a martial artist, and a Daoist. Hu studied Daoism, neigong, Liu He Xin Yi Quan, and Hua Tue Wu Qin Shu with Daoist master Peng Ting Jun. He also studied Xin Yi Quan, and Shou Dong Chen Ji Quan Pu from Dai Wen Jun in Qi County in Shanxi Province. Hu also had the opportunity to study Buddhist Gong Fa and Zhuang Zhi Tu Na Fa from the Buddhist monk Li Hong at Chong Shan Temple in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. In 1942, Hu developed “Jingdong gong”, based on his knowledge of Buddhist and Daoist meditations and his experience of internal martial arts and medicine. Hu Yaozhen along with Lui Guizhen and a few others were brought together to standardise the various practises found across China. The modern terms "qigong" for self practise and "yigong" for the medical application of qigong emerged from this group.

Two of Hu Yaozhen's students were Feng Zhiqiang and Wang Juemin. Feng acknowledges Hu as one of his two primary teachers, the other being Chen Fake. Feng synthesised the teachings of Hu and Chen developing his Hunyuan system. Wang, imprisoned during the cultural revolution for unfavourable associations, was released after 17 years and establised the Baoding medical qigong hospital. Wang took what he had learned from Hu and his other teachers to develop a medical qigong approach with stillness-movement at its core.

Michael Lomax studied with Wang Juemin from the early nineties until his death. Wang taught Michael openly and endorsed him to teach the system and to do so openly.


City/Village/Town: London
State/County/Province: England

Presenter's Name:Michael Lomax
Presenter's Background:
Author and Teacher Michael Lomax has over 30 years experience utilizing medical qigong and Daoist medicine in a clinical setting. Michael is internationally recognized for his expertise in Qigong, Neigong, Medical Qigong & Chinese Medical Therapeutics and offers a 500 hour certification program in Medical Qigong.

"There is a lot of misinformation out there but this is pure gold!" Ken Delves Author of Chinese Internal Martial arts Theory & Practice.

Attendees Saturday and Sunday will learn the lineage neigong form of Stillness-Movement. Also, the complete movement system including Gift of the Tao I and Gift of the Tao II will be covered. Monday and Tuesday are optional and we will cover medical qigong applications where the student will learn wai qi liao fa (external qi therapy) for healing others. Also, the student will be introduced to the extremely effective Chinese Neuro-Energetic form of Taoist Medicine. Michael is the only person publicly teaching this unique and highly effective form of energy therapeutics.

Event Curriculum:
A person can register for just the Saturday & Sunday January 21,22 where we will practice all the qigong and neigong forms. Optionally, a person can, in addition to the Saturday & Sunday, register for either Monday January 23 or Monday & Tuesday January 23,24 clinical applications.
Event Cost:
Saturday & Sunday Neigong: 190 GBP register before December 1, 2011; 200 GPB after December 1
Monday Clinical Applications: 80 GBP each day register before December 1 and GBP pounds each day after December 1


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Re: Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong Workshop

Postby yeniseri on Sun Nov 13, 2011 6:15 pm

I took his weekend course about 5 years ago and it was unique!
Through the course I was able to discern a different level of understanding (haven't had teacher for many years) and I reached a different level per his teaching methodology despite my seeking to learn more about how he approaches Medical Qigong.

There was a certain part of training, where we utilized the 'qi' of trees with doing certain static and dynamic postures! Truly inspiring!
One may need to take it twice as a way to gauge the training and let go of ego in assessing different levels of how one sees qi and its manifestations.
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Re: Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong Workshop

Postby KEND on Wed Nov 16, 2011 10:13 am

Highly recmmended. I have known Michael for over a decade and can honestly say he is one of the few people out there who can actually teach medical Qigong. You come away from the seminar with skills you can practise and use to help your fellow human beings.
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Re: Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong Workshop

Postby Deadmonki on Sat Nov 19, 2011 4:18 am

Thank you both for the kind words.

Michael is certainly an extraordinary man, who has put in much time and effort in his field of expertise.

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Re: Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong Workshop

Postby Bugang on Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:29 am

ist there anything happening in this Lieage in Germany or near???
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