Tandem Story [Laughing For Days]

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Re: Tandem Story [Laughing For Days]

Postby I-mon on Wed May 21, 2008 8:26 pm

Meanwhile, unknown to all but a chosen few, deep underground, far below the meaningless hustle and bustle of the cities, below the sewers with their multitudes of rapidly mutating but as yet undiscovered inhabitants, below the subways and the supersubways and the subsupersubways, below the secret bunkers full of secret americans planning secret operations, below even the super secret underground cities of the illuminati that were so deep they were in some places within a few meters of the super-secret tunnels of their chinese equivalent, below and within what the humans still foolishly believed to be the "molten core" of the earth but which was really just a thin layer of molten metal designed by some vast intelligence to guard the portal when the earth was created, below all of this, an ancient evil began to stir.
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Re: Tandem Story [Laughing For Days]

Postby Buddy on Wed May 21, 2008 8:55 pm

And Cthulhu awoke...and Frankie was her guardian. And he was hers.

So he took a deep draught of Mr. John D. and began his journey west into the haze and the vast uncertainty. The time for indecision was over. These were the days of men of action, men of courage, men who knew their sad and bold and eventual fate. These were times when a man had to to face the mirror, take a sleeve and wide the god damn thing off and look squarely in it.

He stopped the car and went out to the back.

He opened the trunk and looked inside.

He picked up the stupid fucking suit and the inevitable, invincible shield. It had been given to him by a god. A Norseman. A man named Tor.

He looked at the two bars on his shoulders and knew whom he must become. He was a man of his country. a man who could no longer shirk his duty. And a man who had to do the thing he most, in his deepest heart, hoped he would never have to do. He had to break the law.
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Re: Tandem Story [Laughing For Days]

Postby Harvey on Thu May 22, 2008 3:35 am

But the law was the last of his worries. He took the shield and put it in the passenger seat of the car and changed into the suit the tight material making him pull at the stitches on his back, they were healing up nicely. He was amazed it was only 5 hours ago he'd been cut up.
He recalled the day he was given the suit/ "They may have taken out steve but they can't take the symbol down." he was told "So, Mr Castle are you ready to step up and fill those shoes. You've got a chance to redeem yourself, but only a chance"
He drove on reaching his destination, the troppers intercaptors parked outside the station. Puling of his jacket he finished off teh look by pulling the maked hood over his head and reached into the passenger seat for the shiel. Walkin up to the station he kicked open the doors
"OK kids, the new sherriff is in town"
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Re: Tandem Story [Laughing For Days]

Postby zenman on Fri May 23, 2008 8:04 pm

After a moment of stunned silence, the four guys and one girl burst out laughing. Following their gaze downward, Carl noticed the napkin hanging out of his fly. "Ah, shit," he thought. "Maybe I should have just relied on Jack D. for stress relief!"
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