Seeking straight from curves

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Seeking straight from curves

Postby Yeung on Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:53 pm

Seeking straight from curves (Qu Zhong Qiu Zhi 曲中求直), this idiom is from the writings of Wu Yuxiang 武禹襄(1813-1880) and Li Yiyu 李亦畬(1832-1892) in “WANG ZONGYUE’S TAIJI BOXING TREATISE” APPENDED WITH MY PREFACE & “FIVE-WORD FORMULA” [A manual handwritten by Li Yiyu, presented to his student, Hao He (Weizhen) – 1881]. Paul Brennan translated it as “within curving, seek to be straightening” and “seek straight within the curved”. One of the problems with Chinese character is that it can be singular or plural, and from the practice of Taijiquan the character Qu曲should be plural. It is the generation a straight line from many curves of body motions. The example of squeeze (Ji挤) is a good one in generating a powerful thrust (straight line of motion) from curved arms, curved cross back, cured spine, rotation of pelvis, etc.
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