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Re: Internal Power follow up

Postby dspyrido on Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:06 am

In China I came across people who attached sound while performing qigong in parks. They varied from grunts to yelling to singing. Some would stand. Others would connect the sound with movement. Apparently the taoists have many forms of this sort of qigong and its pretty normal for people to be making loud sounds in parks in china all in the name of health.

In xinyi there is the sound of thunder method. The legend has it that mastery of it could hurt an attacker but is lost because training it was so intense. Imagine projecting various shouts for hours on end as part of intense drills. In the end it was abandoned because it was viewed as "lower class people".

I guess times changed but it's pretty clear that when people met on a battlefield the norm was to yell a lot. A war cry had many benefits to it but you dont have to look to hard to see people who want to draw on that extra reserve of power and endurance with a shout. Happpens all the time in gyms & sports.

My view is the xinyi "sound of thunder" method was all about pushing the body past to that next level. Then repeating this again and again. A power method.
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Re: Internal Power follow up

Postby KEND on Thu Sep 07, 2017 6:50 pm

re Carl, he started out with Hung Gar but also became proficient in Tibetan crane and Northern Mantis which I believe he currently teaches. He's been around for around half a century and is a great source of knowledge
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Re: Internal Power follow up

Postby willie on Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:50 pm

wayne hansen wrote:The Kiai is most popular in tennis today
If it drained their energy they wouldn't be doing it hundreds of times each game.

I remember when i used to use kiai from my old karate style. When I first went to learn MMA I was the
only one there using it. My MMA instructor kindly showed me exactly why not to use a long kiai.
I must say that it bothered me at first, but He was right...and so am I.
Test it your self. Or to anyone reading. Just yell out "A" and hold it. Examine how it makes you feel...
You will feel "depleted". Now go outside and breath in fresh air and compare the difference of breathing in verses shouting out.
Once again, Thanks for your kind attention Wayne.
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