Liu Shichang - Penetrating Palms of Yin Style Bagua

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Re: Liu Shichang - Penetrating Palms of Yin Style Bagua

Postby Climb-up on Sun Jul 12, 2020 3:59 pm

Far7anR wrote:
Climb-up wrote:Did you end up getting it?
Sorry this is resurrecting an old thread, but I found it looking for more information on these videos after seeing the below on YouTube.
This looks awesome! Is it representative of the videos?
I love it!

How bizarre. Today I remembered about Yin Bagua and was looking up videos, remembered this DVD and looked up information on it, only to accidentally discover this thread and realize I had the same curiosity 8 years ago :o

And then I see that you just commented a few hours ago, haha.

Unfortunately, I did not buy the DVD in the end, and I probably still will not. I would suggest the Lion DVD as a first step. I do Wing Chun and Taiji these days, but I am going to slowly do some Bagua as life permits.

Nice timing!
I think I’m going wait for now, I’ve got plenty to keep me busy for a while (just doing stuff on my own right now anyways), but I liked seeing his movement and applications very much.
Having a background primarily in Japanese martial arts (mostly taijutsu) I am just fascinated by (what I believe I’m correctly perceiving to be) the “Shuai Jiao” style throws in CMA, and Bagua specifically. It all makes sense to me from a physiological POV, but it’s a very different feel from what I use to do.
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