Ray Carbullido's Training Library

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Ray Carbullido's Training Library

Postby greytowhite on Thu Apr 22, 2021 10:25 am

I reviewed Ray's seminar here when I met him a while back. I was invited to enter his web site and use the training library to polish the material I'd learned from him in our private session and what I had been working on with his Bagua brother. Ray has a huge number of videos that draws on a synthesized core curriculum from his experiences in Chinese and Japanese arts. I feel anyone who is looking to gain more familiarity with the ground will gain a lot of valuable information from his leg drills. Ray has his own take on Yiquan swings that's akin to tongbei and has integrated it with the footwork of his various martial arts.


I feel anyone who does Aikido, Baguazhang, Kenjutsu, Xingyi, or Yiquan will gain value from this material. This will give one a good introduction to the core body methods that Dragongate Sanctuary instills in its students. Ray's site is very reasonably priced. In comparison to the videos that Chris offers, Ray is very quiet - he offers tips to practice and an excellent example. Ray also offers some of the Hirai Reiki and Shingon Mikkyo material passed down from Mitsuoka Hideotshi by invitation.

The two students of Chris' I've trained with have made what can be likened to a zip file for neijiaquan. Chris Matsuo originally put together a huge curriculum and if you want more of the esoteric and Chinese medical information - buy Chris' videos. Chris has sought out a number of extremely knowledgeable Neijia people and accredits a lot of the depth of his knowledge to Mitsuoka Sensei and Bing Kai Lee. I know he has also trained with students of Bow Sim Mak as well as Chinese temple sources.

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